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Video game client, backend, and cloud infrastructure technical expertise when you need it.

our services

Game Client


Most of our recent experience has focused on Unity / C# and on mobile, but we're also capable in Unreal / C++, are adaptable to proprietary engines, and have delivered on desktop, console and web platforms.

Game Backend


We're experienced in architecture and implementation of online / server authoritative game backends, particularly in NodeJS, GoLang and C#.

Cloud Infrastructure


We've designed and implemented cloud infrastructure on providers including Google Cloud, AWS, and Azure.

our team

Infinite Worlds is a small highly-skilled, flexible, motivated and experienced technical team, working remotely but based primarily in Leamington Spa in the UK.

We value collaboration, and prioritise working smartly and efficiently. We love solving problems together!

tim page



Tim has more than 25 years experience in the video games industry, as a programmer, lead programmer, game lead, and technical director, delivering many game projects on multiple platforms, including mobile, console and desktop, using Unity, Unreal and proprietary engines.

erica taylor



Erica is a highly skilled programmer with wide-ranging experience from low level technology on the client through to high level architecture on the cloud. Her technical expertise and vision has empowered small teams to punch well above their weight, including creating and servicing complex server-authoritative mobile F2P games.

oliver maskery



Oliver has developed from microcontrollers up to Kubernetes clusters. He has created desktop applications, web applications, and provisioned cloud infrastructure. Since moving into the games industry, he has been instrumental in the technical design and implementation of game backend, server architecture and features.

jordan thompson



Jordan has extensive experience as a game programmer, on the client, in Unity, Unreal and proprietary engines, and on the backend. He has been the lead programmer on large mobile F2P games such as Angry Birds Transformers, Angry Birds Go, and Warhammer Combat Cards.

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